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How to use the universal testing machine

2020-08-24 11:22:59

When purchasing a universal material testing machine, you must strictly demand the quality. The quality seriously affects the standards of future field tests, many users don't know much about it.

The digital display universal test model adopts the LCD screen display measurement system. The test mode can be selected through the panel buttons multiple test parameters can be set. The test process can display the force value, displacement loading rate in real time, has the characteristics of excellent performance-price ratio, reliable quality, high stability, convenient operation simple maintenance.

Digital display hydraulic universal testing machine functions features: manual control of the delivery valve return valve, hydraulic loading, manual sample clamping, electronic force measurement, liquid crystal display test force, test force peak value, automatic calculation of greater force tensile strength Key parameters such as strength, compressive strength, yield point, etc., complete the tensile, compression, flexural flexural tests of the sample. Manual control function, the operation is direct, fast efficient, it has perfect protection function.


Testing equipment manufacturer electronic universal testing machine, widely used in various metals, non-metals, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wires cables, paper, film, rubber, textiles, aviation Aerospace other industries carry out tensile performance tests, at the same time, various test data processing software test aids can be customized according to the domestic international standards provided by users. The digital display electronic universal testing machine is suitable for users who only seek relevant data such as tensile strength compressive strength.

If you need to take more complex parameters, the microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine is your better choice. The main structure of the common electronic universal testing machine: the host is a portal frame with equal strength. The mechanical transmission adopts arc synchronous toothed belt ball screw pair transmission, the transmission is stable, fast response low noise. The dual-space working mode can be selected, such as the upper space for stretching, the lower space for compression bending tests, the upper lower space tests do require loading unloading fixtures. The computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine can currently do material mechanics test tests under 1000KN (100 tons).

Below 5KN is generally used for performance testing of rubber, plastic, paper, wire, etc. Below 20KN (2 tons) is suitable for testing some composite materials polymer materials. For metal materials such as aluminum profiles, you need to purchase a computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine of 100KN (10 tons), honeycomb aluminum needs to be equipped with more than a dozen related fixtures. For the test of high temperature aluminum materials, a microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine with a high temperature furnace is required. It is better to use 200KN-300KN electronic universal testing machine to test stainless steel other materials.

 Digital display hydraulic universal testing equipment is a product that is currently used more. The testing machine is equipped with corresponding accessories, which can be used for stretching, compression bending of various materials such as metal non-metal. The machine is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, reliable in performance, has a high cost-performance ratio, which is ideal for users. Test Equipment. The main machine of the testing machine adopts a double-screw mid-beam transmission mechanism, the hydraulic cylinder is placed down. It is convenient to install samples, good stability beautiful appearance. The fuel tank adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can effectively prevent dust other debris entering the hydraulic system, thereby improving the hydraulic pressure The reliability of the system.


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Cell phone:13705857882 Wang   

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