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Implementation supervision of maintenance work of pressure testing machine

2019-11-16 16:55:29

(1) It is necessary to implement the principle of "equal attention to maintenance prevention first" in the maintenance of equipment equipment. Make regular maintenance mandatory, correctly handle the relationship between use, maintenance repair. Do a good job of cleaning, smoothing, adjusting, tightening, anti-corrosion of instruments equipment, implementing routine maintenance regular maintenance, strictly following the cycle of the operation manual checking the maintenance items.


(2) The quality of maintenance equipment shall be guaranteed, shall be carried out item by item according to the rules requirements, shall be missed guaranteed. Maintenance items, maintenance quality, problems found during maintenance should be well recorded; maintenance personnel maintenance parts should perform self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection one-time accountability, continuously summarize maintenance experience to improve the quality of maintenance of test testing instruments; The Management Department regularly supervises checks the status of each part of the equipment, checks the maintenance quality regularly time to time, rewards the good punishes the bad.

(3) Routine maintenance is cleaning checking before, after during the operation of the machine, mainly checking the condition of vital vulnerable parts (such as mechanical safety devices), coolant, lubricant, fuel quantity, appearance indication, etc. . Routine maintenance is completed by the operator himself, carefully fill in the "Instrument Equipment Maintenance Record".

(4) First-level maintenance: cleaning, tightening smoothing operations are carried out throughout, adjustment operations are partially carried out, the equipment is maintained in good condition. Part of the organization organization, inspection by property managers, supervision by some persons in charge.

(5) Second-level maintenance: It includes all the contents of the first-level test equipment maintenance, focusing on inspection adjustment, maintaining the outstanding working functions of the assembly, organization parts of the equipment. Part of the organization organization, inspection by property managers, supervision by some persons in charge.

(6) Seasonal maintenance: The main content is to replace the lubricating oil fuel in the applicable season, adopt anti-freezing methods, increase anti-freezing facilities. Arrangements are organized by the application department, property managers check supervise.

(7) Run-in period maintenance: After the run-in period for new instruments equipment is over, it is necessary to perform the run-in period maintenance. The main content is cleaning, tightening, adjustment replacement of lubricating oil, which is completed by the application part, checked by the property manager, partly responsible Person supervision.

(8) Transfer maintenance: Before the equipment is transferred to the environment, transfer maintenance should be carried out. The operation content can be maintained according to its technical status, anti-corrosion can be carried out if necessary. The transfer maintenance is organized implemented by the on-duty safety officer of the equipment, inspected by the property manager, supervised by some responsible persons.

(9) Parking maintenance: The equipment should be maintained when stopped sealed, mainly for cleaning, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof. The inventory equipment is maintained by the property management department, other equipment is maintained by the operating part.

(10) After the maintenance plan is completed, it must be carefully checked accepted, relevant materials must be compiled, so that the record is complete true.


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Zhejiang Xiyi Testing Machine Co.,Ltd



Cell phone:13705857882 Wang   

                     13606575087 Wang

Address:No. 2, Daoxu Street Industrial                           Park,Shangyu District, Shaoxing                       City



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