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What is a universal material testing machine?

2019-11-16 16:55:29

1. What is the experimental instrument

An experimental instrument, in a broad sense, is an instrument that verifies the quality function of a product data according to planning requirements before it is put into use. It can be seen the definition that all instruments that verify quality function can be called experimental instruments, but they are sometimes also called testers, testers, tensile machines, test equipment, testers, etc. 


Experimental equipment in the textile industry is often called a powerful machine, which is actually a tensile test instrument. Experimental instruments are mainly used to measure the physical functions of data products, such as: the yield strength tensile strength of steel, the hydrostatic pressure of pipes, the physical properties of cement, the target of concrete, the function of asphalt, the fatigue life of doors windows, etc. . The chemical function used to measure the data is also the chemical composition. It is generally called an analyzer, an experimental instrument.

2.the concept use of experimental equipment

The concept use of the experimental instrument The experimental instrument is a precision test to determine the mechanical function, process function, internal defects, check the dynamic imbalance of rotating parts under various conditions environments, such as metal materials, non-metal materials, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. instrument. In the process of researching exploring new materials, new processes, new technologies new structures, experimental instrument manufacturers are an indispensable important testing instrument. It is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, building materials, construction, aerospace, shipbuilding, highway engineering, municipal engineering, high-speed rail construction, cement construction, transportation, other industrial departments, universities, colleges, research institutes. room. It plays an important role in effectively using materials, improving processes, improving product quality, reducing costs, ensuring product safety reliability.



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Zhejiang Xiyi Testing Machine Co.,Ltd



Cell phone:13705857882 Wang   

                     13606575087 Wang

Address:No. 2, Daoxu Street Industrial                           Park,Shangyu District, Shaoxing                       City



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