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How to maintain cement test equipment

2019-11-16 16:55:26

1. Operators maintenance (overhaul) personnel should use the emotions of the masters, use them correctly, protect them carefully, protect the equipment with severe emotions scientific methods. Strictly implement the post responsibility system implement the equipment package mechanism (each duty safety officer manages the equipment in the area they are responsible) to ensure that the equipment in use is intact.


2. The operating personnel should use the equipment correctly, strictly abide by the operating procedures, prepare carefully before launching, check repeatedly during launching, handle properly after shutdown, make adjustments during operation, carefully implement operating procedures indicators, over-temperature over-pressure are allowed , Overspeed overload operation. After operating practice technical learning, you can understand structure, function, purpose; be able to use, protect maintain, eliminate defects.

3. When using equipment equipment, operators should master the prevention, identification emergency treatment of equipment faults, insist that the safety protection devices are in good condition; after the use, they should cut off the operating power keep the parts, accessories tools intact; Fill in equipment operation records, defect records, operation diaries carefully.

4. Operators must carefully implement the shift system. If there is something to leave while the equipment is in operation, it is necessary to entrust other laboratory operators to take care of it to ensure that remedial actions can be taken in time when there is a malfunction accident in the operation of the equipment equipment to avoid accidents unnecessary losses.

5. The equipment maintenance personnel of the instrument equipment manufacturers shall carry out patrol inspections on time for the equipment that they are contracted to repair, deal with the problems in time, cooperate with the operators to do a good job in safe production.

6. The security personnel on duty should carefully protect strictly implement the patrol inspection system. They should carefully inspect the equipment regularly to find problems deal with them in a timely manner to eliminate hidden dangers; if problems cannot be dealt with, they should promptly report the status to some supervisors communicate with the equipment. After contacting communicating with the technical personnel of the acquiring manufacturer, deal with related issues.

7. The equipment plan is operated switched regularly. The security personnel on duty must cooperate with the maintenance personnel to do the maintenance work of the equipment in the area they are responsible for, so that they can always keep in good condition, ensure that they can be started at any time. Good anti-freezing anti-condensation operations.

8. The security personnel on duty should always insist that the equipment environment in the area are clean hygienic, so that the bottom of the groove, the axis of the light, the nature of the equipment, the glass of doors windows are clean.  

9. All equipment, pipelines, other protection operations must have a clear division of labor (each security officer on duty shall do the protection operations in their respective areas), timely perform anti-freeze, anti-condensation, heat preservation, cold preservation, anti-corrosion anti-blocking Work such as leakage, such as avoiding the corrosion of chemical substances in the fine balance, the vacuum pump of the freeze dryer to avoid the blockage of the oil circuit, the surface of the equipment to avoid the paint falling rusting.


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Zhejiang Xiyi Testing Machine Co.,Ltd



Cell phone:13705857882 Wang   

                     13606575087 Wang

Address:No. 2, Daoxu Street Industrial                           Park,Shangyu District, Shaoxing                       City



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