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WAW Series Microcomputer Controlled Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

2020-08-28 09:57:47
WAW Series Microcomputer Controlled Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine
Detailed introduction:

This series of products fully comply with the GB/T228-2002 room temperature tensile test method standard for metallic materials.

The testing machine adopts high-precision spoke type sensors, microcomputer controls full digital broadband electro-hydraulic digital valves, drives precision hydraulic cylinders,  performs automatic control of test force, displacement,  deformation in multiple modes to complete the tensile  compression of the sample , The bending test meets the requirements of the national GB/T228-2002 "Metallic Material Tensile Test Method at Room Temperature"  other standard requirements.

The main machine of the testing machine adopts the hydraulic cylinder under-mounted type; the power  transmission device for adjusting the test space is installed at the bottom of the testing machine,  the transmission is stable: the upper  lower jaw seats are fully open structure, automatic hydraulic tightening system, convenient sample clamping  good stability.

Using a liquid crystal computer to complete the setting of test parameters, control of the test process, data acquisition, processing, analysis, storage  display during the test (test data includes: material tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation, yield strength, regulations Non-proportional extension strength, etc.) The control  measurement are precise  accurate.

Using high-precision amplifier  24 high-precision AD converter, effective internal code: ± 120000: test force resolution 1/120000

PID control is used to realize the constant speed control of the load. The speed range: 0.2-5%S/S has a load holding function.

PID control is adopted to realize the constant speed control of displacement,  the speed range: 0.6-60m/min with displacement maintaining function.

PID control is adopted to realize constant speed control of strain. The speed range: 0.00025/S-0.0025/S has strain retention function.





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